• Do you want to stop living paycheck to paycheck and increase your savings?

  • Are you struggling to communicate with your partner about your budget?

  • Do you have debt you'd like to pay down?

  • Would you like to be more intentional about how you spend your money?


These cash flow consultations are designed to address these questions at any level of income, and you drive each consultation's agenda:

  • Discuss financial goals and identify ways to direct resources toward your highest priorities

  • Develop an annual spending plan based on your inflow to reflect your intention and priorities

  • Discuss how much to keep in your emergency fund/cash reserves

  • Identify how much house to buy, including downpayment and mortgage options

  • Develop a debt payoff strategy, including paying off your debt faster

  • Discuss methods for updating your spending plan to help maintain control of your cash flow

  • For couples, discuss individual money styles and outline a joint strategy going forward

Together, we will customize an annual spending plan spreadsheet to fit your habits and needs.
We will discuss how to update it, and whether it may be helpful to use software such as Mint. We will also provide basic education on personal finance, helping you to make more informed decisions in your financial life moving forward.

The consultation is 2 hours with a one hour follow up call, usually 30 days later. There is a flat fee of $600 for the process, with an option of ongoing monitoring dealing specifically with cash flow.

(Please note that we do not discuss your investments, whether or not you can afford to retire, or how to replace your paycheck now that you've retired. If you're seeking any of these, please click on our Financial Planning tab or consult with another NAPFA planner.)