What is your investment philosophy?
We are not market timers and we believe in a passive investment strategy. Most research indicates that over time, active managers do not beat their indexes. We do not make recommendations on individual stocks or attempt to forecast future market behavior, and we do not assume that we can outguess the market. We believe in the science of investing, that risk and return are related, and that allocation and diversification are key. Each of our client's portfolios are personalized based on their goals and risk tolerance.

How does our relationship develop over time?
Our goal is to be your long-term financial partner. We created our process to benefit you and give you the best chance to achieve your goals. That’s why we will be there for you when you need us.

Who is your typical client?
Our typical clients are single people and couples, usually in their 30s to 60s, who are interested in gaining a better understanding of their finances so that they can achieve their goals. They are generally people who want more than typical “save more, spend less” advice. Our clients look for a financial coach who can educate them and partner with them long-term to make informed decisions in the ever-changing aspects of their financial lives.

Do you manage my assets?
We are not an account custodian nor do we have discretionary trading authority over your accounts. We will walk you through transferring balances and making trades, as well as offer advice on what institution might be the best custodian for you. If it makes sense for you, we can coordinate with an asset management firm who will invest your assets with our guidance.

What expectations should I have regarding the outcome of our relationship?
We want you to have clarity about your finances and ongoing piece of mind that you have an ally when facing your financial life. Let us walk you through the complex details, and keep you on track to reach your goals. Behavior is a huge part of financial success. We’ll be there to help you clarify your goals and understand the impact of the financial decisions you make on an ongoing basis. You can contact us when you start to feel the temptation to time the market, when you want to buy a new car, when you need help understanding your new workplace retirement plan options, or when you simply want to talk through your financial goals. We hope that by being there for you when you need us, helping you maintain discipline to stick with your plan through market volatility, as well as proactively contacting you to update your objectives, you will be able to concentrate on the things in life that matter most to you.