Our service is continual. Your in-depth planning and ongoing advice will cover a broad range of planning topics including cash flow, retirement funding, education funding, estate planning, insurance planning, tax strategies and detailed investment recommendations as well as implementation assistance and coordination with other professionals. 

At CFG we love collaborating with clients to help bring clarity to their financial lives and confidence to their financial decisions. We help you discover and define your goals, values, and purpose in order to meet your short and long-term objectives. Our role is to walk with you, listen to you, help you avoid missteps and offer informed advice based on what matters most to you.



Financial planning is a process. It is not a one-time event. Our goal is to be your financial support system and help shape and build your brighter financial future.

Our work together is very collaborative - with a mix of discussion, education and advice - and results in a cohesive financial strategy, based on what matters to you, and continually adjusts to your life's changing circumstances.

We address gaps and opportunities in all financial areas -- cash flow, debt, taxes, insurance, education, retirement, estate plans, philanthropy, and investments. We look at your whole picture and help you implement integrated solutions.

Financial Planning offers transparent, flat-fee pricing coupled with a low-cost approach to investing. New clients pay an initial fee plus a flat quarterly fee based on financial complexity.